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Ian Somerhalder Says Moving to a Farm with Nikki Reed was ‘Magic’ and Showed Him ‘Moments Matter’

The Vampire journals alum also opened up about taking action toward ocean preservation during Shiseido’s periodic sand clean up event on Wednesday Ian Somerhalder gained a new perspective when he decided to leave the megacity life before and move to a ranch with his woman
Nikki Reed.

At Shiseido’s periodic sand clean up on behalf of their Blue Project in Huntington Beach, California on Wednesday, the Vampire journals alum opened up to PEOPLE about how embracing a quieter life allowed him to further apply the couple’s sustainable sweats.
“( It’s been) magic,” says the actor, 43, about moving to a ranch outside of Los Angeles with Reed and their son, Bodhi Soleil, 5, on Wednesday.” It’s really the way it’s always supposed to have been. I suppose now you are seeing a lot of people who were working in commercial services, and you can see it now from a societal viewpoint. People are having a really hard time getting back to work.”

He adds,” People have realized that their time and the value of their time and the value proposition of time has shifted a bit. Be more engaged, be outside more, spend further time with one another.” Somerhalder — who says he does not” plan on being on screen for a long time” also participated what he is learned during the last many times.
” I suppose what the epidemic kind of did was show us that moments matter. Birthdays matter. leaves matter. These small little grainy moments with one another really matter,” he says.” And that’s why Nikki and I find that pastoral or indeed civic pastoral life which I suppose a lot of people are getting into, whether it’s permaculture, erecting food timbers we are past the point of just allowing that we are going to stop all this by not using plastic straws and driving electric buses .”

While he is hitting pause on acting, the star is busy as ever with Brother’s Bond, his bourbon with confidante Paul Wesley.
” We’re moving down from just the word sustainability,’cause at the end of the day, sustainability means maintaining the status quo, which does not work,” he says.” At Brother’s Bond and in our ménage too, we use the’ re’ words regenerate, exercise, reclaim, reconstitute, rejigger,re-everything. It’s regenerative not just sustainable” It was a turning point for me,” Reed said in May.” I made a conscious choice to give my child the most normal life possible.”

That meant moving to a ranch” veritably far outside the megacity” where they raise creatures and grow lavender and rosemary alongside cucumbers and peppers.” It felt like a relief, moving out of the megacity,” she said.” I promise that if anybody wants a feeling of ease, of peace, of calm, the answer is nature.”
She also revealed how important it impacted her internal health.

” Nature is the stylish form of remedy,” she said.” And it’s instant you do not have to spend six months in nature before you feel it. Go on a hike and release endorphins. Look at a tree rather of the blue light on your phone. All of our souls need a cure of that kind of drug.”


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