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Hugh Jackman can spend an ’embarrassing level’ of money on food

The Greatest Showman actor has admitted that he does not like to flash the cash often but will indulge his love of food with expensive trips to upmarket restaurants reports that during a discussion at the Condé Nast offices in New York Hugh shared .

I am not materialistic for anything really except I can spend money on food at an embarrassing level. But I love the artistry the beauty of it the connectivity I remember being a university student and I just thought if theres one thing I want in life. Records show the condo unit last traded in 2012 for $19.4 million. The penthouse had been on and off the market since October 2021 and was initially priced at $25 million.

The sellers are Daniel Fischel and Sylvia Neil. Mr. Fischel is president of Chicago based global economic consulting company Compass Lexecon and a former dean of the University of Chicago Law School. Ms. Neil was an associate dean at the school. A call to Mr. Fischels office was not immediately returned.The roughly 4700 square foot four bedroom unit is located in a condominium designed by the architect Jean Nouvel according to the listing with Noble Black of Douglas Elliman. The penthouse has roughly 14 foot high floor to ceiling windows and about 3,700 square feet of outdoor space including a large roof terrace divided into dining and lounging areas. The apartment has views of the Hudson River as well as the downtown and Midtown skylines according to the listing.


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