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How ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Continues to Soar After 11 Seasons

After 11 seasons and more than two decades on HBO, Emmy voters are still finding “Curb Your Enthusiasm” to be, in Larry David parlance, “pretty … pretty … pretty good.”

Since the comedy series’ debut in 2000, “Curb” has amassed a staggering 51 nominations — including two wins — with the most recent season adding four noms to its total. After 110 episodes, “Curb’s” tightly plotted yet semi-improvised approach remains fresh and admired enough to continue its enviable showing at the Emmys, not to mention a point of pride to executive producer and showrunner Jeff Schaffer. “Look, I know we’re not like a new sparkly, trendy choice and we’ve been around since the year 2000,” Schaffer says. “But I’m really proud that we’re still doing shows that are super funny and that we’re still doing things that people are talking about and are shocked that we’re doing, whether it’s Larry enlisting a Klansman to show Woody Harrelson a cow or using Alexander Vindman in ‘a perfect call.’”

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