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Here’s what Chrissy Metz would want to see on a ‘This Is Us’ reboot

It’s been nearly three months since “This Is Us” aired its final episode, but the Pearsons’ real-life counterparts have remained tight.

“We text pretty much every other day, if not on the daily, just checking in or congratulating somebody on something,” Chrissy Metz told TODAY. “A new project or an award or, you know, anything a cute picture on Instagram. We really try to stay in contact. I wish that I could see everybody more often. You know, not many people are in Nashville. That’s where I’ve been posted up for a bit. So yeah, it’s really lovely to have friendships that last.” Metz said what she misses most about filming the emotional drama, which ran on NBC for six seasons, is “just the fun we had.”

This Is Us – Season 6
“This Is Us” wrapped its six-season run in May.Ron Batzdorff / NBC
“There was a lot of levity in between the scenes, and as heavy as the show got, it was written so beautifully that we just enjoyed spending time with each other,” Metz said. “But also pushing yourself as an actor and trying new things and literally just suiting up and showing up and hoping that it all works out. It’s that adrenaline kind of excitement. But I think it’s just spending time with everybody and watching people really sort of take their performance to the next level. I mean, I definitely am a fan of every single person on the show.”

The series’ last season saw the Pearsons losing their family matriarch, Rebecca (Mandy Moore), and Metz said her character, Kate, making it to Rebecca’s bedside in the penultimate episode was one of the scenes that sticks with her the most.


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