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Halo Infinite gives away free XP Boosts after fixing nasty challenge bug

343 diligence has handed certain players with 20 Challenge exchange and 10 XP Boost consumables in Halo horizonless.
Players that enjoy the game’s Season 1 Premium Battle Pass and have played Halo horizonless between the dates of May 3 andAug. 9, 2022 will admit these particulars coming time they log into Halo horizonless.
These consumables were given to players as compensation for a bug that averted possessors of the Season 1 Battle Pass from penetrating a fourth challenge niche after Season 2 launched, making it harder for them to earn XP and rank over.
In Halo horizonless, copping
and equipping a Premium Battle Pass unlocks a fourth challenge niche that players can take advantage of to make progress on multiple challenges at formerly. This allows them to work through their challenges, earn XP, and rank up their Battle Pass briskly. still, when Halo horizonless Season 2 Lone Wolves went live on May 3, suckers that bought the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass noticed that their redundant challenge niche for it was no longer available — and the only way players could get it to unlock again was to buy Season 2’s Battle Pass.

343 diligence verified that this was a bug shortly after Season 2’s launch, and a fix for the issue was stationed in the recent Halo horizonless August update. As a result, Season 1 Battle Pass possessors can now work on four challenges while progressing through it anyhow of whether they enjoy the Season 2 pass or not. still, since they were unfit to use that redundant challenge niche for several months, it’s been harder for those suckers to work on their Season 1 pass until now.
This week’s#HaloInfinite Drop Pod resolved an issue with the fourth Challenge niche that was introduced in Season 2. moment, the platoon granted 20 Challenge barters and 10 XP boosts to all players who possessed Season 1’s Premium Battle Pass & inked in between May 3- August 9, 2022.(1/2) https//t.co/ bEFpa1alZEAugust 12, 2022As compensation for the trouble caused by the bug, 343 diligence has given all players that enjoy the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass and have logged into the game between the dates of May 3 andAug. 9, 2022 access to 20 Challenge barters and 10 XP Boosts. The former allows players to change a challenge they do not like for a new bone
, while the ultimate doubles all XP earnings for an hour after they areused.The XP Boosts in particular will be incredibly helpful for gamers, as if you are suitable to complete several challenges while one is active, it’s possible to rank up your Battle Pass several times. Note that indeed if you bought and completed the Halo horizonless Season 1 Battle Pass before Season 2’s launch, you will still profit from this compensation as long as you’ve played lately since you will be suitable to use the XP Boosts for the current Season 2 pass( or unborn bones


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