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Dragon Age and Mass Effect DLC made free, as EA finally ditches BioWare Points

A swathe of Dragon Age and Mass Effect DLC is now available for free via Origin, as EA eventually retires its aging BioWare Points currency.

DLC packs for Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2, plus Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3( except for that game’s multiplayer packs) are each now available without charge, EA has said in an dispatch to suckers participated via reddit.
Remaining BioWare Points can be spent on those Mass Effect 3 multiplayer packs( if you still have any points lying around), before they vanish ever on 11th October. BioWare Points were an annoying currency from the early days of the PC Origin store period which you could buy to also spend on in- game content packs.

Indeed, the currency wasn’t used at each in newer BioWare games, similar as Dragon Age Inquisition, Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem.
And of course, if you want to play the Mass Effect trio now, your stylish option- the Mass Effect Legendary Edition trio remaster- has nearly all of this DLC packed in.

It’s been a while, but Dragon Age is set to return in the( hopefully) not- too-distant future with new investiture Dreadwolf.


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