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Doctor Who: What Has Stayed The Same Since The Start Of The Series?

Doctor Who at its core is a show that embraces and encourages change. Whether it’s the companions that set foot inside the TARDIS or the Doctor’s face itself, change has always been one of the appeals of the show, and one of the reasons that it’s lasted almost 60 years. However, there are some things that have remained constant and will likely never change. Fans of the series, both new and classic, will know that Doctor Who, despite its many eras and evolutions, still manages to feel like the same show even with new coats of paint. Even after all these years, it’s easy to look back at the very beginning and see the foundations that still hold it up today.

Doctor Who first aired on November 23, 1963. Creator Sydney Newman, with the help of others like Verity Lambert and Waris Hussein, established key ideas that they wanted to include in the series. Many of these ideas have become firmly ingrained in not only the show, but pop culture as a whole. It’s almost uncanny when rewatching the first episode and seeing all these fundamental hallmarks that fans still associate with Doctor Who today.


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