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Chicago Fire set photo confirms SPOILER’s fate

On paper, the season 10 finale of Chicago Fire should have ended on a high note. It was a giant lovefest at the Stellaride wedding, as we got to see characters reconcile, tie the knot, and overall bask in the sort of affection that we rarely get to see during tense cases. That said, it wasn’t all fun and games. The episode ended with Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Severide (Taylor Kinney) being confronted by an invader minutes into their honeymoon, and the slow fade to black suggests that they may be in serious danger.

Is Severide coming back to Chicago Fire?
Chicago Fire is currently filming season 11, and like with most shows, the cast and crew have taken to posting photos and videos on social media. Most of them are silly or showcases for the cast to goof around, but some have given us crucial insight into the fates of the characters as we prepare for the season premiere. A perfect example of the latter is the recent photo that Taylor Kinney took with a fan. The photo was posted on the One Chicago Updates Twitter account, and while nothing about the photo looks remarkable at first, closer inspection reveals that Kinney is wearing his character’s wedding ring.


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