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Captain America’s Sex Life Discussed in New She-Hulk Clip – IGN

Jennifer Walters wants all the hot gossip on Captain America in a new She-Hulk clip. Debuting online thanks to IMDB, the new clip from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law shows Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and his cousin Jen (Tatiana Maslany) discussing the ins and outs of Cap’s sex life. We’re 1 week away from the premiere of #SheHulk on @DisneyPlus, and this exclusive clip just made us rethink everything we knew about #CaptainAmerica… 👀 #TatianaMaslany @MarkRuffalo https://t.co/LPqhmqIj7h pic.twitter.com/tHQYXh3rkA

“Steve Rogers did not have a girlfriend before he went into the service,” she explains. “He becomes Captain America and from that point on, a symbol of America — he’s rushed to the front lines, he becomes a war hero, then he is frozen in ice.” So far, so accurate… and Walters doesn’t stop there, despite Banner’s protests. “Based on everything you’ve told me, after he’s unfrozen, he goes from world-threatening disaster to world-threatening disaster, that’s when he’s not a fugitive from the law, right? So, it seems like he was pretty busy.” Chris Evans himself addressed this very issue a few years back, claiming that Steve Rogers, aka America’s ass, was in fact probably a virgin. “It’s funny when you think about it — he’s probably a virgin,” said Evans. “He’s probably a virgin! I don’t know when it would have happened.”


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