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Bob Dylan’s lawyers seeking ‘monetary sanctions’ over sexual abuse case

Attorneys for Bob Dylan are seeking “ financial warrants ” against the legal platoon that filed a suit criminating the musician of sexual abuse.

The action, which claimed Dylan sexually abused a 12- time-old girl in 1965, was dropped in July and Billboard reports that the songster’s attorneys are now pursuing warrants, citing “ brazen-faced misconduct ”.
Orin Snyder, who leads Dylan’s legal platoon, wrote to a civil judge to say that the attorneys for the woman, Daniel W Isaacs and Peter J Gleason, “ should not have brought this action – criminating( Dylan) of a heinous crime – if they didn’t intend to responsibly litigate it ”.

The woman, linked as JC, contended that Dylan abused her in his room at the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan when he was 23 or 24 times old. Dylan denied the claims, with his representatives stating the “ chronological impossibility ” of the allegation given his well- proved whereabouts during the period and describing the case as a “ counsel- driven sham ”.

previous to the action being dropped, Dylan’s legal platoon indicted the woman of destroying substantiation after she failed to submit emails and textbook dispatches by a court- commanded deadline. She also appeared to have discharged her legal platoon – a claim that Snyder disputed in his letter, pushing back against the claim “ that Plaintiff had freely ‘ discharged ’ her counsel ”.

Snyder wrote to the judge “ Mr Isaacs and Mr Gleason failed to produce documents they should have held and reviewed before ever bringing this action in the first place.

“ As we said in open court last week, numerous of the documents we’ve seen, including scores of emails between Plaintiff and crucial third parties whom counsel supposedly noway indeed bothered to solicit, undermine and contradict Plaintiff’s allegations. ”

Snyder called it a “ paradigm case for warrants to address counsel’s brazen-faced discovery misconduct ”, adding that “ counsel scorned their discovery scores for months and ignored warnings from the Court about their failure to produce documents ”.
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Ben Beaumont- Thomas
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Isaacs responded in a letter saying the action was “ brought by good faith and with the intent of responsibly litigating the matter ”. He criticized the issues on the “ defiance ” of his customer, whom he said refused to hand over crucial accoutrements despite repeated requests.

“ At no point did either Mr Gleason or I wilfully withhold discovery or engage in discovery misconduct, ” he wrote. “ We tried to misbehave as stylish we could given the circumstances, including complainant suffering PTSD, which was aggravated when her identity was immorally made public following the inception of this action. ”

It’s unclear how important compensation Dylan’s attorneys are seeking; one form of warrants could number Isaacs and Gleason replaying Dylan’s legal freights, according to Billboard.

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