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Black Clover Chapter 334 Release Date And Time, Reddit Spoilers, Leaks, Manga Raw Scan, Where To Read

In the last chapter we got to know that Lucius has a human soul in his body and is the most gifted demon of all time. He sees a world in which everything is harmonious. However in order to reach that peace he must get rid of his other half.Julius is that half who will prevent him from accomplishing this goal. If you are also following the manga Black Clover and excited for chapter 334 you are at the right place. Here is all you need to know about the upcoming chapter of black clover manga including the spoilers.

Returning to the present after seeing the wizard king Asta is surprised and claims that he is not Julius but a different person. Due to his Anti Magic Lucius tries his magic to stop time but is unable to stop him. He states that Asta is the weak link in his scheme to erase mankind and create a new one. Asta declares that he would use all means necessary to defeat the wizard king in order to defeat Lucius and free Julius.Fans will be happy to know that Black Clover Chapter 334 Release Date is August 21 2022. You can read this chapter on the Manga Plus app Viz Media and on the official site of Black Clover manga. Chapter 334 will be available to read at 3.30 pm according to Central Time on Sunday.

The raw scan of the manga Black Clover chapter 334 will be out by August 18 2022. In the following chapter we will witness Asta defending himself against Lucius as the big magic knights attempt to support him. A major fight is going to break out across the Clover Kingdom in the upcoming chapter. When Asta inquires about his actual identity Lucius exposes himself and confesses that Julius is no longer alive. He then reveals his final plan in which he and his brothers would kill mankind and then rebuild it.


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