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‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Episode 13: Travis Stone, Man of Many Secrets

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again about Big Sky: Just when you think someone is dead, they come roaring back to life (or come back as their only-slightly-less-evil twin). So each week, as I watch the show just like you all do one episode at a time, I call it like I see it, and last week, what I saw was Scarlet being stabbed to death with a scalpel, and Wolf Legarski getting shot, but not fatally.

This week, Scarlet is alive (or at least, her body is still floating around somewhere) and Wolf is the one who’s definitively dead. After last week’s big climax which saw Ronald (and Scarlet, we thought) getting killed, Cassie getting stabbed, and Wolf and Lindor both getting shot (not to mention T-Lock also getting killed by Bob, who’s also now on the run), it seemed as though the ballad of Wolf and Ronald was concluding, but we were wrong.

Everyone wants to know where Scarlet is, even the EMT who’s riding in Wolf’s ambulance. But he’s not just any EMT, he and Wolf appear to have a relationship because he’s in the sex trafficking syndicate that Ronald and Rick Legarski were a part of, and he knows about Wolf’s plan to try and rehabilitate Ronald. Now that that plan has failed, well, Wolf has to pay, and this EMT suffocates him with a plastic bag. This is a very dense and dramatic pre-credits scene for Big Sky!

Max, Harper, Madison, and Bridger, the teens at the center of this season’s entire mess, meet up now that their whole ordeal is resolved. Madison tells the gang that their parents are sending her and Bridger away to boarding school, so Max extends her arms for a group hug. Aww. It’s the end of a traumatic era that will haunt them all forever and led to countless murders! Luv you guyz!

Over at Illegal Narcotics, Inc, Tanya is explaining the finely-oiled machine she’s set up to crank out thousands of synthetic pills every day to Ren and Jag who are trés impressed. The siblings then discuss the mysterious Alicia, their dad’s girlfriend who they’re investigating because something is definitely suspicious about her, but so far they’ve turned up nothing. They’re interrupted when Travis shows up with the big bag of cash he stole from the crime scene last week, and he presents it to Ren. They had their little flirtation, and between that and Travis secretly stealing that money, we’re still not sure which angle he’s playing right now. (If his intentions were pure and he was still on the right side of the law, couldn’t he have told Jenny about it and tagged the money or something? All I know about any of this is from a class I took called “Watching The Wire 101.”)

Later, Ren takes Alicia out for huckleberry pie at the diner, because rather than privately investigate her, she thinks it’s just easier to be forthcoming with Alicia. Alicia gives Ren some backstory: she’s an accountant who worked for Verr and they started a relationship, but she also hints that maybe Verr is keen to move the family business to Montana because there’s trouble brewing in Canada. Then, she cryptically tells Ren, “You do know that we don’t have to do this, right? I like to think us girls could find a better way.”


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