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Andrew McCutchen picks up the tab at Garfield’s 502 in Milwaukee

Andrew McCutchen has picked up the tab over at Garfield’s 502 in Milwaukee.

The Crew continues their “This One’s On Me” tour by picking up tabs at local bars and restaurants in the Milwaukee area as a token of appreciation for their fans.The last player to do so was infielder Luis Urías, who picked up the tab at Café Corazón in Milwaukee.The Brewers are on the road against one of their division rivals in the St. Louis Cardinals this weekend before heading back home to host the Dodgers on Monday.

But that doesn’t stop the players from giving back to their community.We had never seen a detective who firmly believes in Mormon principles. Former Spider-Man Andrew Garfield has the grueling task of solving a double murder of a mother and her 1-year-old child in the Mormon milieu, while simultaneously entering a crisis of faith as he delves deeper into the depths of this terrifying community, which presumably responsible for this double massacre.

Unfortunately, the makers have decided not to limit themselves to the murder investigation only. Through rather ludicrous retrospectives, the history of the Mormons is dropped in the series at unexpected moments, making everything feel rather long-winded. Garfield is also not satisfied. He doesn’t convince at all as the man who gets into trouble with his conscience. Scenes with his crying spells don’t help his credibility at all.


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