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Alicia Keys teams up with Brent Faiyaz for new song “Trillions”

At the end of 2021, Alicia Keys participated her design KEYS, an ambitious double reader- length disquisition of the R&B tunesmith’s alleviation and compositional diapason. She indeed spoke to us about it for a two- part podcast. moment, she’s dropped the reader’s luxe edition KEYS II – it contains the new songs” Stay” featuring Lucky Daye and” Trillions,” a Brent Faiyaz platoon- up.

” Trillions” could fluently be a b- side from Faiyaz’s new reader Wasteland( which featured Keys on the song” Ghetto Gatsby”) and Keys is further than happy to swim in his squinched- up haze of paisley- colored crooning. The creative chemistry is apparent and carries the music videotape despite its fairly normal illustrations. Watch it over. BLK ODYSSY, the musical design of New Jersey- born, Texas- grounded artist Juwan Elcock, explores the horrors of violence and nuanced textures of love and loss through funk. On BLK VINTAGE, he does this by reflecting on how violence persists through drunkenness, paranoia, and memory. His music can sound like a patchwork spread made out of decades of funk and soul, as if he’s unconsciously representing his parent’s CD folder.


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