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Steve Harvey Proclaims ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ Is “Going to Hell” Over Rhys Darby’s Answer

Rhys Darby nearly found himself in hot water on Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Family Feud when host Steve Harvey was perplexed by his answer. Darby, a New Zealand comedian known for Flight of the Conchords and more recently, Our Flag Means Death, hit a roadblock with Harvey over one of his responses, which the host struggled to understand through Darby’s accent. The moment happened when Harvey prompted the competitors, “‘Passed away’ is a nice way of saying someone died. Name a not-so-nice way.” After answers from Jay Pharoah‘s team like “croaked,” “kicked the bucket,” “pushing up daisies,” “bellied up” and “laid ’em down,” Darby’s team was up.

The actor replied, “I’d like to say, ‘carked it,’” but his answer didn’t translate with Harvey, who was very clearly puzzled by the response. As Harvey raised an eyebrow and stayed silent, Darby attempted to explain his answer. “You know, as in, ‘What happened to that guy?’ ‘Oh, he’s carked it,’” Darby said, adding, “‘Cause it’s short for “carcass.’” When Harvey still wasn’t grasping it, one of Darby’s teammates piped up to explain, “It’s got an R in it,” while another repeated the word with a hard R sound. The host asked, “What the hell is going on?” as Darby and his team repeated “carked,” but one of them stood with Harvey. Samba Schutte assured the host, “I need subtitles sometimes for these guys sometimes, too.”

As Schutte told Harvey “carked” means that someone has become a carcass, he still wasn’t sold, proclaiming, “This game is going to hell right here!” Unfortunately for Darbys’ team, all the commotion and discussion didn’t even pay off — the Celebrity Family Feud powers did not accept “carked it” as an answer, and Pharoah’s team claimed victory. Celebrity Family Feud airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC. Watch the full moment from this week’s episode in the video above.


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