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Spy x Family: Part 2: Release Date, Story & What You Should Know

Spy x Family took the world by storm when it aired in April 2022, and Wit Studio and Cloverworks gave life to the action-comedy story created by Tatsuya Endo. During its runtime, Spy x Family was considered to be the most popular anime of spring 2022, with Part 2 on the way.

No matter what their preference, everyone agrees that Spy x Family is an excellent anime with a wholesome family story and exciting, action-packed sequences. Even though the Forgers are a pretend family, their dynamic is enough to hook you in for the entire season. Furthermore, the combination of a spy, assassin, and telepath in a single family can lead to several thrilling and funny moments.

The anime finished airing back in June 2022. However, if you want more Spy x Family, then we’ve got good news for you. The one that finished airing last June was just Part 1 of Season 1. The second part has already been announced, along with a sneak peek of the manga arc it covers.

But when will Spy x Family: Part 2 be released?

When Is Spy x Family: Part 2 Coming Out?
Spy x Family has officially been confirmed to return in October 2022. However, it’s unclear when it will be released in October since only the month was confirmed. Still, Wit Studio and Cloverworks will release Spy x Family: Part 2 in the same year as the previous one.

What happened is that Spy x Family was turned into a split-cour. It means that the season was split into two and aired separately. The first cour was the one you watched a couple of months ago, while the second cour is the one that will be released in October.

Even though Spy x Family is split into two parts, it merges together into one season. What’s important is that the gap between the two parts is only a few months long. Other split-cour anime like Attack on Titan: Season 3 took half a year to release its second part.


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