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Ncuti Gatwa Will Begin Filming ‘Doctor Who’ This Fall

Earlier this year, the Doctor Who fanbase was bursting with excitement when it was announced that Ncuti Gatwa had been cast as the Fourteenth Doctor. The only question became, how long will fans have to wait to see this new Doctor? Well, as The Hollywood Reporter is writing, it might not be as long of a wait as some think. Gatwa’s first season on the historic series is expected to begin filming in November.

Much to Doctor Who fans’ dismay, the series is famous for long breaks between seasons, especially in the COVID era, with loyal fans sometimes having to wait years for new episodes. So, the news that Gatwa will begin filming this year is a step in the right direction for many fans. However, there is no confirmation on when the next season will air. Some fear that Gatwa’s season won’t arrive until 2024, seeing as it was announced that late 2023 would see a Doctor Who special episode to celebrate the series’ sixtieth anniversary. But, for now, all fans can do is speculate and be excited about Gatwa’s casting.

Gatwa’s predecessor in the role, Jodie Whittaker, is set to take her final bow as the thirteenth Doctor later this year. Her time in the role will end after four years and three seasons this October in a special episode that will be part of the BBC’s 100th-anniversary celebrations. Whether Gatwa will appear in this special is, once again, left up to fans to endlessly speculate on until the episode airs.


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