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Midnight Mass got zero Emmy nominations and I’m bitter

Once again, horror was given the short end of the stick with the Emmy Award nominations. In particular, I was disappointed and surprised by the lack of nominations for Netflix limited series Midnight Mass.

In what was a years-long labor of love, Mike Flanagan both wrote and directed the series, which included themes of trauma and religion. It wasn’t just an action-packed blood-splattered series, it was deep and engrossing, and featured fully developed characters. As someone who adores a slow burn horror film or series, I loved that it drew me in slowly. Even when I basically figured out what the strange angel really was, I wanted to know more about the whys and hows. And it was scary! I mean, who could watch that horrifying scene in the church and not be on the edge of their seat?

But, Midnight Mass wasn’t even nominated for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series. Hulu’s Pam & Tommy was, because obviously a biopic about a doomed and dysfunctional relationship between two stars was much more meaningful (insert eye roll here).


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