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How old are the ‘kids’ of ‘Cobra Kai?’

Like most shows featuring high school-aged kids, the “kids” playing those characters usually are bit older than their on-screen personas. Of course, Cobra Kai is no different, although some of the cast was in their teens when the show started out in 2018, many of them have gone on to become of legal drinking age, and some of them have aged further past that. Just how old are the kids of Cobra Kai? Let’s run through the main characters, as well as some of them that have made enough regular appearances that you know who they are by now if you’ve been in on the show through its four seasons so far. And you’ll notice that some of the new crew members are actually in their teens right now, which is good for the show, especially as it continues on. Some characters might even start to phase out or graduate on to other things. Even with that said, still be prepared to say “wow, but she/he looks so young!” quite a few times as you read through this list.

Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña)
The boy who became a man right before our eyes over the first four seasons, Miguel is the heart and soul of Cobra Kai. Sure, other characters emerge and even share as much screen time, but the central plotline still revolves around Miguel and Johnny, Miguel and his mom, Carmen, and Johnny and Carmen. The LaRusso’s are primary as well, but every real fan knows where our allegiances really lie. And we see Miguel emotionally and mentally growing up as well as season four winds down, with him starting out on his own to Mexico City to find his biological father, somewhat inspired by Robby and Johnny, even if their relationship still leaves a lot left to be desired. The actor, Xolo Maridueña, did the same, going from a teenager to an of-age man, as he just turned 21 this summer.

Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser)
The person on the other end of the love story that keeps coming back around and has fueled a lot of the show’s storylines is Mary Mouser’s Samantha LaRusso. Sam has plenty of fallouts with the core characters of the show, but she seems to rally behind the right people and eventually brings out the best in them (well, we’ll see with Robby). While she may look young (as do plenty of the characters of the show), she’s actually 26 years old in real life, but has nailed the persona of being a confused teen trying to figure it all out.

Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan)
Perhaps seen as the heartthrob and/or bad boy of the show, Robby has faced a ton of adversity and had to come of age well before his years. From loner to on the lam, jumping from father figure to father figure while keeping his real dad, Johnny Lawrence, at bay through most of the series so far; Robby is lured to the dark side a little too easily at times, even as he turns face and does the right thing every now and then, too. While on the screen he still seems to be a teen, the actor, Tanner Buchanan, is 23 years of age.


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