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Death Note: L’s 8 Biggest Mistakes

In the Death Note series, L was a genius that solved every case he was involved in before encountering Kira, a mass murderer capable of killing through supernatural means. Despite being the main opponent of the series protagonist, Light Yagami, the character still counts as a fan favorite. Famous for his awkward sitting posture and many other unnatural mannerisms, L possesses astounding intellect and unbelievable tactical prowess.

Unfortunately for the great detective, however, he is bested in the individual battle against Kira, ultimately costing him his life. Throughout the battle, L’s assumptions were mostly accurate, but the absence of solid proof greatly hindered his ability to take action. So, despite possessing seemingly flawless skills, the eccentric crime-fighter wasn’t impervious to making occasional, critical blunders.

8 Working Closely With The Japanese Police
L working with the japanese police
In order to catch Kira, L enlists the help of multiple organizations. One of them is the NPA, within which he forms the Japanese Task Force – the sole organization in the country saddled with the responsibility of catching Kira consisting of multiple police officers.

However, the group’s competence came into question when L realized that someone within the task force was leaking confidential information, inadvertently allowing Kira to alter his actions based on the direction the investigation was going. As a result, leaving important records of an anonymous criminal in the hands of the local police led to the loss of an extremely valuable lead.

7 Revealing Himself To Yagami Light
L staring at light
In the 9th episode of the series, L confronted Light directly, aiming to cause a slip-up where Light would end up exposing his identity as Kira. It was not an easy choice, but it was one he deemed necessary as all efforts to catch the mass murderer made up to this point had been fruitless.

However, the flaw in this approach lies in the fact that Light is not easily flustered. He is a frighteningly good actor capable of hiding massive shocks behind an impenetrable mask. Light managed to suppress his natural reactions and casually interact with L as a regular university student throughout their time together, ultimately rendering L’s decision futile with the cost of revealing his identity.


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