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‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 12 Will Begin Production This Fall

Season 11 of the HBO comedy series, Curb Your Enthusiasm wrapped up last December and fans had waited patiently for any official word on a Season 12, and they got their wish with a renewal. Now, showrunner Jeff Schaffer has taken out time to clearly state that there is no lack of ideas for the new season, and that it’s in the works.

Despite having endured somewhat of an erratic schedule over the years since its release in 2000, Curb Your Enthusiasm returned for its tenth and eleventh seasons in 2020 and 2021. This was, of course, after the six-year hiatus the series went through after the release of season 8 in 2011 and season 9 in 2017, alongside other delays. Season 12 was however announced by featured creator and star Larry David earlier in the year and little had been heard about what progress, if any, had been made on the new season. While speaking to IndieWire recently, showrunner Schaffer has offered up that much-needed update to fans of the show. With an aim to begin shooting this fall, Schaffer revealed that writers are already working hard to put together a new season:

“We’re writing it right now, and we’ll start shooting, I don’t know, late fall,” Schaffer told IndieWire. “We’re in the middle of it right now. I’m looking at a dry erase board. […] We’re just basically sitting in a room, showing each other our awkward scars, and coming up with new stuff. Funny things are like cockroaches. They’re hard to kill. They stick around, and I think we’re just comedy cockroaches.”

During the interview, Schaffer who has been producing, writing, and directing the HBO series since Season 5 spoke about what it feels like working with David. He revealed that David pours all his ideas into each season and when it wraps, it feels like there aren’t any ideas left to continue. Season 11, for instance, filmed the death of David but Schaffer is certain that David lacking ideas will not happen.


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