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Chicago Fire Season 11 Video Reunites Severide & Kidd For First Time

A new Chicago Fire season 11 video sees Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd finally reuniting. NBC capped off the show’s first decade with the wedding of its fan-favorite romantic pairing. After hesitation from both parties, including Kidd disappearing for a while to ruminate about tying the knot, a brush with death for Severide motivated the pair to finally move forward with their wedding.

Severide and Kidd’s wedding gave Firehouse 51 a big cause for celebration. It even brought Matthew Casey back to Chicago after he moved to Portland, Oregon, to take care of his late friend’s children. But after the festivities, the Chicago Fire season 10 finale ended on a cliffhanger after the newlyweds were revealed to be tailed by a mysterious SUV. Luckily, previously unveiled season 11 images and videos confirm that Severide and Kidd seemingly survive the potential ambush. However, there was no sighting of the pair together after their wedding and honeymoon — until now.

On his official Instagram page, Daniel Kyri Madison (via One Chicago News) shared a new video from the set of Chicago Fire of the cast goofing around. That includes Christopher Hermann actor David Eigenberg, alongside Taylor Kinney and Miranda Rae Mayo. This seems to confirm that both Severide and Kidd will be back in Firehouse 51 for their regular shifts. Watch the clip below:

A previous video from Chicago Fire season 11 showed Kidd hanging out with her co-workers at Firehouse 51. While it’s uncertain what the cast were filming, the fact that she was wearing her wedding ring indicated that the sequence occurs after her honeymoon. That was followed by a sighting of Kinney as Severide on location for Chicago Fire season 11. Like his on-screen wife, the actor is also sporting his fictional wedding band. But since the sequence he was shooting was an exterior one, this also marks the first time that he is spotted back at the station. Now that the newlyweds are confirmed to be safe after the season 10 finale cliffhanger.

The question now is how exactly does the pair’s honeymoon pan out? While Chicago Fire made it seem like Severide and Kidd were in trouble, it’s possible that this was simply a misdirection to keep viewers wondering during the summer break, and increase anticipation for season 11. Otherwise, the mystery may play out throughout the rest of the year, so there’s still no resolution. Whatever the case may be, the fact that Severide and Kidd are back in their own station in Chicago Fire season 11 reassures fans that the pair is safe coming into new episodes.


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