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MrBeast gave away an entire island to one of his 100m followers

YouTuber MrBeast celebrated hitting a corner of 100 million followers before this week. by giving away an entire islet.

Over the last decade, the American YouTube personality, entrepreneur, and philanthropist has innovated a content kidney fastening on precious numbers, challenges and donations. The further popular he gets, the further plutocrat he gives down.
Well now, one lucky subscriber has won an extraordinary prize of a private islet. Before hitting the mammoth achievement, MrBeast teased the celebratory videotape on Twitter. He said the 100M special would mark his most extravagant videotape to date. His videotape named” I Gave My th Subscriber A Private Island” saw the popular YouTuber fly a hundred of his subscribers to the position where they took part in challenges. The first one saw the suckers in a battle to light a fire with minimum tools. The first 50 people progressed to the alternate round, a follow- up of his iconic Squid Games” red light, green light” recreation.

The coming aphorism ten rivals stand on rustic planks, five aimlessly falling. The final round saw MrBeast hide his 100 million subscriber shrine on the islet. The person who dug it up won the entire islet.
Speaking about his emotional achievement, MrBeast said” This is over a decade of my life represented in one item.

” From the bottom of my heart, thanks to everyone who’s subscribed. This channel means the world to me, and I authentically appreciate anyone who’s ever watched the vids.”

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