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Why The Flash Is Ending After Season 9

It was recently confirmed by the CW network that The Flash’s ninth season would be its last. The Flash, starring Grant Gustin as the titular superhero, was the second show to premiere as part of the Arrowverse and helped cement it as a franchise of its own. With nine seasons, it will be the longest-running show of the lot, edging out flagship show Arrow’s eight-season run, while Legends of Tomorrow was canceled after seven seasons, Supergirl ended after six seasons, Black Lightning after four seasons, and Batwoman after three seasons. After The Flash ends, the only DC shows left on the network will be the highly popular Superman & Lois, which was recently renewed for season 3, and Stargirl, the third season of which is set to premiere this month. Neither of these takes place in the same reality as The Flash, however, namely the Arrowverse’s Earth-Prime. This raises further questions around exactly why The Flash is ending.

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