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The Steamiest Scenes From Married… With Children

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When Married… with Children debuted as one of the very first shows on the brandnew Fox network in 1987 it was an oneofakind TV gem. In an era when scripted television was pretty much limited to a few broadcast networks who had to program content with broad appeal that wouldnt offend network censors or advertisers along came a family sitcom that wasnt really appropriate for the whole family and which was about a family that really didnt like each other or themselves or their lives for that matter.

One of the first dark comedies to ever hit big or run long the series ran for 262 episodes and until 1997 Married with… Children made TV legends out of stars Ed ONeill Katey Sagal and Christina Applegate because it was so audaciously different cynical and crude. It became a TV classic in part because it was openly human daring to depict lifes moments of intimacy and passion in a way no show had done before. Here are all the most memorable steamiest envelopepushing hotunderthecollar almost toohotforTV and fullon racy moments in the history of Married… with Children. In the 1990 Married … with Children episode The Dance Show Peg grows so frustrated with husband Als refusal to pay her any attention of any kind that she addresses the possibility of finding it elsewhere.

Its not like she sets out to have an affair but she thinks she just might when going out dancing with her friend Ma While the recently divorced Marcy gets hot and heavy with a succession of young smiling physically affectionate hunks Peg enjoys an escalating relationship with Andy who calls her Lola calls her the most beautiful woman hes ever known behind his mother and Judy Garland and he leads her in erotic teasing fastdances and holds her close during intimate slow numbers. They finally come clean to one another admitting theyre both married but with the idea of an affair off the table the dancing just gets comically dirtier. Eventually Peg gets the attention and romance she wanted when Al shows up seemingly to threaten and beat up Andy much to his wifes delight. But hes actually there to tell Andy to leave his wife alone and go home so this plot arc ends with Al and Peg slowdancing it out.

The central conflict and eternal joke of Married…with Children is that Peg adamantly refuses to do any sort of housework —cooking cleaning — whatsoever leaving husband Al frustrated hungry and resentful. In return Al is so put off by Pegs selfrighteous laziness that he has lost all romantic interest in her which she craves and asks for on an extremely frequent basis. Thus its kind of an event both titillating and heartwarming when Al and Pegs libidos line up and aim at each other.
rcy a couple times a week she meets a kind and charming man named Andy.

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