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The Lost Wild Combines Jurassic Park & Alien: Isolation

The Lost Wild is a recently announced indie title from Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind the beloved cat game Stray, and it looks utterly breathtaking. The game takes the survival-horror genre and adds a Jurassic-sized helping of dinosaurs. Featuring a ruined facility overrun with prehistoric predators on what appears to be a remote island, it’s easy to see the Jurassic Park influence on the upcoming game.

The player takes on the role of a lone investigative reporter whose only goal seems to be escaping in one piece. As the player searches for anything that might help them survive, they will also unravel the mystery of what happened on the mysterious island, where using heavy foliage as cover and hiding in the shadows are the best tactics for staying alive.

In the gameplay trailer, The Lost Wild promises a large and lush island for the player to explore. Nothing is said in the trailer because the survivor is too busy staying quiet while hidden or running for their life from pursuing raptors. Parts of the facility appear to be in working order, and the player can presumably take temporary refuge in these areas. Other areas will likely be powered down and require the player to bring them back online. The ever-present danger of unpredictable dinosaurs looms, much like it did in Alien: Isolation, certainly another influential game to The Lost Wild’s developers.

The Lost WIld Raptor
The mystery behind The Lost Wild is enticing, as little is known about the game’s story. Simply put, there is a scientific facility in ruins, wild dinosaurs running around everywhere, and one lone person in the middle of it all. The complete isolation is sure to add its own level of tension, and the player will have to play cautiously to survive. Players will talk over a radio with a stranger, who seems to know more than what they are letting on. Throughout their journey, the player will find tools to aid their survival against the wild beasts, but it looks like these tools will have to be used sparingly.

The Lost Wild presents the dinosaurs not as bloodthirsty killers, but as wild animals who are curious, territorial, and sometimes dangerous if cornered. The player can use tools and items, such as flares and torches, to intimidate packs of approaching raptors, or they can keep to the shadows. Hiding, running, and intimidating dinosaurs are the winning tactics in The Lost Wild, as it seems there will be no combat.

All survival implementations will be non-lethal and only helpful as distractions or intimidation tools. In promising this, The Lost Wild will surely be a game of intense evasions, chase sequences, and moments of tense hiding, much like Alien: Isolation. By not including lethal weaponry, The Lost Wild asks players to think strategically about each situation and explore the island very carefully. Developer Great Ape Games is pushing for a late 2024 or early 2025 release on PC, with plans to expand to consoles afterward.

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