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Sandra Bullock vs. Brad Pitt: Which ‘Bullet Train’ Star Has the Highest Net Worth?

Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt are two of Hollywoods biggest stars. Both have been mainstays in the entertainment industry since the early 90s making waves with their good looks and versatility. Even though Bullock and Pitt rose to fame around the same time the stars only appeared together in one other project The Lost City. It changes when Bullet Train hits theaters in August marking their second major collaboration. A highly anticipated action movie that stars Pitt Bullock and a star-studded supporting cast Bullet Train is destined to be a success. Pitt and Bullock are not just acting contemporaries both stars have serious influence in Hollywood with hugely impressive respective net worths.

Pitt began gaining acclaim in Hollywood as a pretty boy a golden blond hero with a fit physique and a country accent. Her big breakout role was in the movie Thelma & Louise from 1991 but he quickly proved he was ready for tough roles. In a short time Pitt made appearances in major films such as A River Runs Through It Legends of the Fall Interview with the Vampire 12 Monkeys and fight club.Even though Pitts Personal Life made tabloid headlines he continued to cast interesting acting roles. And even well into the early 2000s Pitt remained a strong box office draw. A few of his best known roles include Inglorious Basterds The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Oceans Eleven and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. These days Pitt is acting less and producing more.

His staggering net worth of $300 million proves that Pitt still has the power to do whatever he wants in Hollywood.Bullock started acting a few years before Pitt making his film debut in the 1987 film Hangmen. By the early 90s she had become one of Hollywoods most popular leading ladies with roles in films like SpeedWhile you were sleeping Internet Miss Congenialityand Proposal. Sympathetic and eccentric Bullock has always managed to focus on his work rather than his personal life although audiences seem genuinely enthralled with his life and loves.Today Bullock is still a force to be at the box office and with a brand new film Bullet Train which hits theaters in early August she has living proof that true talent is timeless. Bullock is also very wealthy, and according to Celebrity Net Worth she has a net worth of around $250 million.

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