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Midsomer Murders Series 23: Cast, Trailer & Many More

UKs longest running television series is Midsomer Murders. Even though this was the shows 22nd season it still did well and received generally positive feedback. After two decades of airing the shows ratings have not decreased. This suggests that the network has every justification for continuing to air the show.Even though its home network Acorn TV has yet to renew Season 23 the shows viewers are happy because they have been waiting impatiently for the 23rd season.

Midsomer Murders Series 23 Cast

He can readily find any clues and is detail-oriented during the inquiry making him an ideal choice for Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Tom Geoffrey Barnaby played by John Nettles. He is always concerned about their safety to protect his family as they are frequently involved in his work particularly investigating significant crimes. Inspector Gavin Troy played by Daniel Casey serves as Bernabys right hand man when detecting crime.

The two build a bond while solving murders in Englands most dangerous village even though he has a bit of a troublemaker. Neil Dudgeon portrays Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby. Tom was sent to Midsomer in place of his more senior cousin to complete the investigation that his predecessor had begun but not completed. Doctor George Bullard Barry Jackson a pathologist and longtime friend of Tom is the show’s resident pathologist. In terms of his professional abilities he significantly impacted the cases he worked on.

Are Midsomer Murders Returning Series 23 Be Out?

ITV has announced that the 23rd season will indeed air. There is however no word from the broadcaster about premiere date. Coronavirus pandemic regulations have led to several setbacks for the event in recent years. In 2020 the show started broadcasting in January although the remaining episodes of series 21 were not released until March.Series 22 premiered in April with the remaining episodes showing in October of same year. As a result delays and filming make it difficult to say when Series 23 will be released. We can however hold out hope for good news shortly due to the regular spring airing. I hoping for the best.

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