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‘I was suffering!’ ACGAS’ James Herriot star recalls challenge of final episode

ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL star Nicholas Ralph reflected on the final episode of the last series which he described as fantastic despite the fact he suffered in the hot weather.James Herriot actor Nicholas talked about the emotional Christmas episode when he discussed the show on the Masterpiece Studio podcast.

The actor recalled how he had filmed the episode during the summer but he had to be dressed up as if it were freezing and he joked he suffered heatstroke as he gave his view on his character in the hit Channel 5 show.Masterpiece Studios Jace Lacob talked about the most recent instalment of the popular escapism series.He stated: James initially declines Mrs Ps offer of a fireside glass of sherry.But then thinks the better of it before organising an entire Christmas lunch at Pumphrey Manor so that Mrs P is not alone on Christmas.What triggers this impromptu solution to his and Helens Christmas Lunch dilemma? Yeah I think it all comes from the glass of sherry. Nicholas replied.He has about to rush off and then he thinks Oh I have got time for a quick glass of sherry.

And we see Pumphrey Manor in the state that it was you know all covered in sheets and perhaps a bit cold.And its just Mrs Punphrey in there and Tricki of course.So I think its in that time in there that he comes up with the plan of how best to go about the Christmas lunch and yeah it turns out for the best.The Christmas Lunch scene unites all or I should say nearly all with the absence of Diana Brompton of All Creatures cast Jace pointed out.Considering the Covid protocols of this season and production what was it like to get to film these scenes together as a united cast?Oh just fantastic the Scottish actor remarked. Absolutely brilliant.

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