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‘He’s a very attractive young man’: Screen icon Charlotte Rampling, 76, recalls flirting with Russell Crowe, 58, before he became a huge movie star

Charlotte Rampling recollected the time she enjoyed a flirt with Russell Crowe before he hit the big time in his acting career.

The Oscar nominated actress who leapt to prominence in Georgy Girl a doll never out of trouble recalls co with Russell 58 in 1993 Australian romantic drama Hammers Over The Anvil. And still bewitching at 76 Charlotte was in the mood for disclosure.Ana de Armas is currently being criticised for her accent as Marilyn Monroe in Netflixs new film. The forthcoming movie is a fictional take on the iconic Hollywood star but fans of Monroe have already found plenty to take issue with after the release of a new trailer last week.One of the most glaring problems according to fans is that the Spanish Cuban de Armas seems to have trouble making her accent sound similar to Monroes distinctive voice.But de Armas is not the only actor to struggle with their characters accent even with the aid of a dialect coach.

Here are 12 memorable examples of a film accent going wrong.Andrew Dominiks Marilyn Monroe film is not even out yet and its star Ana de Armas is already facing backlash for her accent. De Armas said she underwent nine months of dialect coach training to play the LA-born sex symbol but fans of Monroe are convinced she could have done with a few more if the trailer is anything to go by.Lady Gaga said she inhabited the character of Patrizia Reggiani the wife of Maurizio Gucci whom she had assassinated in 1995 for a year and a half carrying the accent for nine months of that on and off screen. Unfortunately the result of all this method work was an accent that the films actual dialect coach described as sounding more Russian than Italian. Awkward.

Wild Mountain Thyme is a romantic drama that thanks to the surreal accents of its stars broke the internet upon the release of its trailer. The film starring Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan is a veritable feast of poorly accented horror. Set on a mystical Irish farm in an indiscernible year is it 2019 or 1953? Who knows the film features a cast of incredibly talented A listers mercilessly bludgeoning the Irish accent beyond all recognition. Christopher Walkens is straining for Mullingar but sounds more like Pirate Christopher Walken Blunts is baffling then theres Jamie Dornan who is actually Irish but sounds like someone who has never set foot in the country.

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