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‘Among Us’ development almost ended in 2019

A co-founder at Among Us developer Innersloth has explained how the studio almost stopped active development of the social game in 2019. Innersloth’s Marcus Bromhander appeared on the Visionaries Podcast last week (July 27) and talked about how the team was “basically done” with the game’s development in 2019 (transcription via PCGamesN). “We were basically done with [Among Us] at the start of 2019,” said Bromhander, after the game was released in late 2018 and received updates and extra content before 2019.
Bromhander added that the team thought “that’s it, no more, time to work on something else,” and that some staff started “prototyping some other game ideas that got pretty far.”

It was around this time in early 2019 that InnerSloth saw its social deduction game get immensely popular, so the studio changed its mind and decided to continue developing and support the idea. “Should we do Among Us 2 or should we update the game that everyone is already playing?” added Bromander. “There’s so many people playing, I wanted to experience releasing updates like that to a lot of people.”

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