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What We Do In The Shadows: 10 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

The ongoing fourth season of FX’s What We Do in the Shadows depicts even more wild antics by the fan-favorite vampires. The most recent episodes have helped fans learn more about the characters’ unique abilities, particularly The Guide and Nadja, as the two embark on opening the coolest vampire club in town. Over the past three seasons, the series has introduced powerful characters like Baron Afanas and Sheila the Siren. There have also been important revelations about the extent of the main characters’ powers, which include Guillermo’s vampire hunter roots and Nadja’s object-shattering screams. With the gut-busting mockumentary almost halfway through the latest season, it’s the perfect time to look back at some of the most powerful characters from the show.

10 Baron Afanas
There was a lot of build-up leading to Baron Afanas’ arrival on Staten Island. The ancient vampire is considered royalty in their community, so the housemates are understandably nervous and excited about his arrival. It quickly becomes apparent that the Baron expects too much from the main characters, so they consider killing him because they know the consequence of disobedience.

The Baron is one of the best side characters in the series, as the villainous vampire is soon revealed to be a pretty fun guy who’s easy to get along with. He doesn’t seem to have any special abilities and his old age is a clear disadvantage. His power is more symbolic than literal, but it’s worth noting that it’s amazing how he survives being both burnt and buried.

9 Sheila The Siren
When Laszlo and Colin sail to a remote facility to find out more about energy vampires, they never make it there. They’re lured by the captivating voice of Sheila, who turns out to be a hideous siren surviving on an isolated island by seducing sailors and tourists. While Laszlo initially tries to escape by turning into a bat and flying away, he’s quickly lured back by Sheila’s voice.

The two vampires are enchanted by her and while Laszlo musters up the strength to break away and escape, Colin ends up forming a relationship with the Siren. Her irresistible voice works on even the strongest vampires, with her only weakness apparently being noise-canceling headphones.

8 Laszlo Cravensworth
disguised as Jackie Daytona in What We Do in the Shadows
Every fan of the show knows Laszlo’s main ability is to turn into a bat, which most vampires can do. He’s mastered it and made it his own by shouting “Bat!” every time, though, making it a humorous running gag. Laszlo has gotten himself into some zany situations in the past, with his misunderstanding with Jim the Vampire showing his other skills. When Jim tracks him down to his bar in Pennsylvania, their showdown highlights Laszlo’s strength. It’s one of the few times he engages in a fight, as he usually prefers to use his words or simply back away and do something more worthwhile.

7 The Guide
The Guide wearing dark clothes and smiling in What We Do In The Shadows.
It has become clear over time that the Guide deserves to be part of the gang, as she’s a well-written comedic character who makes every scene she’s in more amusing. She’s also surprisingly powerful when she wants to be. Not only does she have the ability to move around quickly by turning into dust, but she also has excellent levitation skills (which is why she’s sometimes called the Floating Woman). What’s more, she has control over the wraiths in the Vampiric Council’s building. However, it was recently revealed that she can’t directly order them, as they only follow what her heart really desires. The Guide is yet to go against another vampire in a physical fight, but it would be interesting to see how she fares in one.

6 Lilith
Lilith smirking in What We Do In The Shadows
Although they were once good friends, Nadja and Lilith became rivals after the vampire found out that the witch had tricked Laszlo into sleeping with her. She needs his (or any other man’s) semen to stay youthful and live longer, so she transformed her features to look like Nadja and used a phony accent, too. During their confrontation after Laszlo and Nandor’s kidnapping, Lilith demonstrates how powerful she can be by using magic to pin Nadja to the ceiling. Her abilities are impressive but are no match for Nadja’s anger and Guillermo’s smooth talk.

5 Nadja Of Antipaxos
Nadja What We Do In The Shadows
The short-tempered Nadja has several cool abilities that none of her housemates have. While he has the usual skills like being able to turn into a bat, moving fast as a plume of dust, and occasionally levitating, she also demonstrates her more special powers when she turns Jenna into a vampire. While trying to figure out what Jenna’s strengths are, Nadja shows her how she can scale walls, turn into a group of rats, and, of course, seduce potential victims. The most recent episodes also display her object-shattering screams, which are happening more often due to the stress that comes with opening her nightclub.

4 Nandor The Relentless
nandor what we do in the shadows kayvan novak
Before appearing as the funny and often clueless housemate, Nandor spent most of his early years as a vampire as a great warrior who would conquer and pillage villages (including Nadja’s). He doesn’t get too many opportunities to do this on the series, though, and would probably be considered the weakest housemate if it weren’t for one telling scene. The now-iconic fight scene he has with Guillermo shows that Nandor is still that same unstoppable warrior from hundreds of years ago. The fact that he lasts that long while defending himself against the familiar with Van Helsing blood proves that he’s incredibly strong.

3 The Vampiric Council
The first time the Vampiric Council appears on the show is after the Baron’s familiar rats the vampires out for murdering him. The Vampiric Council makes the mistake of underestimating Guillermo and believing that the housemates are just using him as an excuse, which they will later regret. As a group of the most well-respected and powerful vampires across the land, the Vampiric Council has far-reaching influence and control around the world. They can decide harsh punishments, which include death, and command vampires to do their bidding. The individual members haven’t shown any notable skills, though, but their collective power is more than enough to crush dissidents and criminals.

2 Guillermo De La Cruz
Guillermo’s transformation over the seasons of the series has been astonishing to see. While he starts out as a passive familiar who does whatever Nandor tells him to, he has slowly become more defiant, especially after learning that he has Van Helsing blood. Now branded as a vampire killer, Guillermo uses his skills to protect the housemates from outside threats. He can kill vampires without even trying, often throwing stakes without missing or stabbing them up close. His power is in full display during the gruesome theater scene where he rescues the gang shortly before they’re meant to be executed in front of an audience.

1 Colin Robinson
Colin Robinson What We Do In The Shadows
Without a doubt, the most powerful character in What We Do in the Shadows is the energy vampire, Colin Robinson. He feeds by draining people of mental energy, which just means that he bores them with menial conversation and useless facts. While this seems relatively harmless compared to the way his housemates kill humans, the episode where he becomes the boss and resentful of the gang proves just how dangerous he can be. Colin’s abilities improve, he can cause his victims to faint with just a single phrase or even a gesture. Back in the house, he has a negative effect on his housemates, including Guillermo. They’re all powerless against him, and it’s only when he decides to stop that things go back to normal. Baby Colin likely has this same ability, but he thankfully hasn’t used it to harm the adults around him just yet.

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