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Watch: Matthew McConaughey reflects on important life lesson: ‘earn before you deserve’

Matthew McConaughey recently shared important life lesson regarding entitlement that he had learnt over the years.

On Monday, the Interstellar star turned to Instagram and posted a video message in which he elaborated on deserve vs. earn concepts with his 6.6 millions followers.In a clip the Lone Star actor could be seen sitting outdoor in the nature with a book on his lap while holding a white mug.You know I think we gotta really watch how quickly we like to say we deserve something Matthew began.He continued I do not know that we deserve anything. I have found that if we think we deserve something and we throw that word out and say no do we earn it?

That becomes measurable. We can earn things but I do not think we deserve things explained the 52 year old.And earning means we are in the process of helping get what we want he added.Concluding his note he said Saying that we deserve it a lot of times we just lean back and go well I am supposed to get mine I deserve it. Its different than earning it. Earn before you deserve.Sharing the post the actor captioned it Earn it soulcash. In no time fans showered their love over the actor for his wise inspiring words. One user commented Inspiring words from Professor . Agreeing to his point another added Entitled people believe they deserve things. Do the work and earn it instead.

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