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The Walking Dead How many episodes in season 11 part 3?

AMC Networks longrunning series The Walking Dead will come to a close before the year ends. The final season has been released in three parts with the midseason finale airing in April 2022. The Walking Dead universe is far from over with Fear the Walking Dead filming its eighth season and numerous spinoffs in the works. The first of which Tales of the Walking Dead will see an August 14 premiere on AMC.

The final season has focused heavily on the progressive community of the Commonwealth and has seen many of our survivors relocate there since Alexandria and Hilltop have seen better days and not much has been seen of Oceanside since the end of the Whisperer war. The Commonwealth appears to be a great place to live but like with everything there is a nefarious underbelly that is slowly being exposed. Our survivors have been divided with Maggie and her group taking up residence at Hilltop which received extensive damage during the Whisperer war. Aaron Carol and several others have tried to reconstruct Alexandria. Eugene divulged the location of Alexandria to the Commonwealth feeling he was aiding them which is when many of the survivors decided to give the Commonwealth a try.

Negan even took off on his own and found a new group who lived at Riverside until the Commonwealth attacked them. The Walking Dead season 11 last episodes On October 2 2022 The Walking Dead will return to AMC at 9 p.m. ET with the first of its last eight episodes. The series final episode will air on November 20 with many final viewing parties being planned. The trailer for part 3 of season 11 is ripe with action and many of our favorite characters look to be in precarious situations. Which ones will make it out alive?

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