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‘The Boys’ Season 4 Hints at Ryan Gone Evil as Series Reveals New Cast Members

Cameron Crovetti who plays Ryan has been bumped to series regular with two new tween supes joining the cast.We will be getting to know the next generation of “The Boys supes sooner than we think.

With spinoff series Gen V in the works and centered on a college for Vought International superheroes its time for the spawn of Homelander Antony Starr to take center stage. Enter sweet innocent Ryan Cameron Crovetti turning to the dark side. Actor Crovetti has been promoted to a series regular with the Amazon Prime Video series The Boys confirming two new tween supes for Season 4.Valorie Curry The Lost Symbol is set to play Firecracker with Susan Heyward Orange Is the New Black portraying Sister Sage seemingly in reference to the Sage Grove Center psychiatric institute shown in Season 2.

But where does this leave Ryan in the mix? Well since his grandpa is most likely Soldier Boy Jensen Ackles and his dad Homelander is evil incarnate seems like Ryan is literally torn between his quasi step father Butcher Karl Urban and destroying the planet.The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the finale for Season 3 was set up like a pilot for the next season with Ryans terrifyingly smug smirk alongside Homelander at an alt right rally indicating the future battle for Ryans soul between his two father figures.

I do not think the games over yet. I think Ryan saw this one thing and I think we should all be afraid because if he becomes another Homelander thats obviously really bad for the planet Kripke explained. But he has still Beccas kid and theres still a shot that Butcher can pull him into the light.Kripke continued that Season 4 will really be this tug of war over Ryan as both men really try to get a grip on him with Ryan ultimately having to choose between good and evil. Or in Butchers case not evil and evil.

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