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Rick Cosnett Joins ‘Mrs. American Pie’ on Apple TV+

Rick Cosnett, best known for his appearances on The Flash, has announced that he will join the cast of Mrs. American Pie, an upcoming Apple TV+ comedy series. Based on a 2018 novel, the series will star Cosnett as Sergeant Tom Sanka opposite Kristine Wiig’s Maxine Simmons.

Mrs. American Pie, created by Abe Sylvia, is set to be a small-screen adaptation of Mr. and Mrs. American Pie by Juliet McDaniel. The novel follows protagonist Maxine Hortence Simmons as she fights Mrs. Evelyn Rollins for a top spot in the social hierarchy in Palm Beach; however, when Maxine’s husband Douglas announces that he’s leaving her for his pregnant secretary, the fallout leaves Maxine living in Scottsdale, Arizona with $250,000 and a burning need to prove that she’s a good wife. Quickly assembling an entourage and pretend family out of Robert Hogarth, a closeted gay bar owner, twelve-year-old Charles Bronski, and his younger sister Dawn, Maxine returns to Palm Springs on a mission: to enter and win the “Mrs. American Pie” pageant where the winner will be declared the “the nation’s best wife and mother,” according to a Washington Independent Book Review. As a bonus, the pageant is being judged by Douglas, Maxine’s ex-husband, and she jumps at the chance to show him up.

What We Know about Rick Cosnett on ‘Mrs. American Pie’
Rick Cosnett is possibly best known for his recurring role in The Flash (2014) on the CW, where he appears as Detective Eddie Thawne, a former love interest to female lead Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) and partner to Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin). Following Thawne’s death in season one of the show, Cosnett made scattered repeat appearances in the form of flashbacks, dream sequences, and alternate universe versions of his character.

Rick Cosnett played Eddie Thawne on “The Flash”
Image credit: FWRD AXIS News

Along with The Flash, Rick Cosnett has also made guest appearances on Quantico (2015) as Elias Harper, a defense attorney turned FBI analyst who failed out of the FBI Academy and was eventually blackmailed into helping blow up the FBI Headquarters. Additionally, Cosnett appeared as Dr. Wes Maxfield on The Vampire Diaries (2009), a professor at Whitmore College who was not only aware of the supernatural but obsessed with researching it; Maxfield first appeared on season 5 of The Vampire Diaries in 2013 and reportedly served as an antagonist for the first half of the season.

Deadline reports that Rick Cosnett will appear on Mrs. American Pie as Police Sergeant Tom Sanka, but very little is known about his character thus far. According to Apple TV+ Press, Mrs. American Pie was created by Abe Sylvia, who will also serve as showrunner and an executive producer for the show alongside Tate Taylor (The Help). Alongside Taylor, John Norris will serve as an executive producer under Wyolah Entertainment, while Katie O’Connell Marsh produces for Boat Rocker Media.

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