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On God’s Order (Disney+): what true story is the series based on?

Its been eight years since Andrew Garfield put away his cobwebs in the locker room. And although he reprized his role as Spider Man in 2021 in the franchises latest installment to lend a hand to Tom Holland the 38 old actor has since been able to evolve into more mature roles as he demonstrates in the series On Order from God available on Disney + with the role of Jeb Pyre Mormon investigator for which he was recently nominated for an Emmy Award. And to give intensity to his interpretation the actor was able to base himself on the eponymous book by Jon Krakauer published in 2003 but above all the real facts which inspired the series. But what are they? Télé Loisirs takes stock.

On July 24 1984 Brenda Lafferty played by Daisy Edgar Jones was 24 when she was found with her throat slit just like her daughter Erica barely 15 months old. It is her husband Allen Lafferty who finds them massacred in their home. If it is he who is suspected at first he will soon lead the investigation to look into the case of his two older brothers Dan and Ron. The Lafferty family was one of the pillars of the Mormon community in Utah and strictly followed the precepts of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day the main church of the Mormon branch of Christianity in the United States .

But quickly several of the Lafferty brothers turned to a more fundamentalist practice of their religion even extremist for some. Brenda was a practitioner with a rather modern vision and confronted the very conservative view of the place of women of her brothers in law. They accused Brenda in particular of having encouraged Dans wife to leave him after she refused to let him take her daughter as a second wife born from a previous union. Ron who had proclaimed himself a prophet will later testify to having received a message from God ordering him to eliminate several people including his sister in law and his niece.

At trial Dan was sentenced to serve a double life sentence with no possibility of remission. Ron who was tried later because he spent several months in hospital after a suicide attempt while in custody was sentenced to death. He died in prison in 2019 at the age of 78 before his execution which he had managed to postpone after numerous legal appeals. But who really solved the case? In the series it is Andrew Garfield and Gil Birmingham notably known for his role in Twilight who lead the investigation playing Jeb Pyre and Bill Taba respectively. But the production confirmed that they were fictional characters.

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