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Marvel Pits Ghost Rider Against Doctor Doom Daredevil and More

Marvel Comics has released an official preview for Ghost Rider #5 which pits Johnny Blaze against an allstar roster of Marvel heroes and villains in a deadly motorcycle rally race. Set to hit comic shops this coming Wednesday Aug. 3 Ghost Rider #5 comes from writer Benjamin Percy artist Cory Smith inker Oren Junior colorist Bryan Valenza and letterer Travis Lanham. The preview sees Johnny Blaze arrive in Escalante Utah for the Hells Backbone Rally at the behest of the Ghost Rider.

Hells Backbone is not only considered one of the most dangerous drives in the country… its also rumored to be a vortex Johnny explains. A place where the veil between worlds is thin frail. Despite his considerable motorcycle skills Johnny certainly has some stiff competition including the likes of Wolverine Logan Moon Knight Daredevil Elektra Natchios ManThing Doctor Doom Rhino Dracula and Blade among others. Marvel relaunched Ghost Rider this past February with writer Percy putting Johnny Blaze back in the saddle for a horrifying new chapter in the Spirit of Vengeances story. This is a horror book. Its deeply unsettling with a moody shadowsoaked atmosphere Percy told CBR ahead of Ghost Rider #1s publication. Eeriness is the norm but there will also be plenty of heavy metal action sequences. Will Johnny do heroic and terrible things? Yes. Will Ghost Rider do heroic and terrible things? Also yes.

Furthermore Hells Backbone wont be the last Johnny Blaze sees of Logan. Im also writing Wolverine of course so you bet your ass a teamup is coming down the road Percy told CBR in the December 2021 interview. Sure enough the solicitation for Septembers Ghost Rider #6 reads as follows Theres somebody else out there who knows what it means to suffer to feel sickened by the pain and suffering theyve inflicted on the world and his name is Logan. After the motorcycle rally at Hells Backbone Wolverine and Johnny Blaze are brought together but will they race forward as enemies or allies in the war against the shadow country? Written by Benjamin Percy penciled by Cory Smith inked by Oren Junior colored by Bryan Valenza and lettered by VCs Travis Lanham Ghost Rider #5 goes on sale Aug. 3 from Marvel Comics.

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