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Love Relationship: Nina Dobrev’s all time love history

Actress Nina Dobrev once declared in Cosmopolitan that she is a relationship girl when it comes to dating. She said she was not one for casual hookups In some respects I am modern in others I am traditional. I appreciate it when guys hold the door open and show kindness and consideration. However I also find the I rolled out of bed a little bit scruffy effortless not trying too hard still sexy guy to be kind of attractive. A man in a suit looking put together and dapper is very attractive.

The Vampire Diaries star was among the Hollywood guys she dated over the years who appeared to meet her standards. With some of her previous love interests though including a professional dancer a couple of movie stars and a screenwriter not every relationship was meant to continue.Fans have seen Dobrev looking happier than ever with her newest partner on social media and as of this writing the Canadian actor is definitely taken. Lets look back at Dobrevs past relationships to see who has piqued the attention of the brunette beauty before moving on to her most recent romance.

According to Dobrev What do you know? It was what I thought at the time. Since my aim on the show was to act professionally I did not want to be dating one of my co stars. But occasionally you can not help who you connect with and you can only resist it for so long as I did for a very really long time. After three years together the pair called it quits with media speculating that their 10 age difference may have been a factor. But according to People they continued to get along well and even worked together on set until Dobrev departed the show in 2015.

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