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Kevin Costner dons ‘I’m for Liz Cheney’ shirt while filming ‘Yellowstone’

Wyoming Rep Liz Cheney has found unlikely support for her fast approaching primary next month in Kevin Costner touting the Hollywood actors support by tweeting a picture of him wearing a tee saying as much.Real men put country over party tweeted the Republican congresswoman on Tuesday night alongside a picture of the Yellowstone star donning a black cowboy hat and white shirt offset with the text “I am for Liz Cheney.The star of the critically acclaimed Paramount Network series lives in California meaning he can not actually vote for the Republican lawmaker while the TV which is both set and filmed in Montana is bordered on the south by Ms Cheneys state of Wyoming.

The endorsement arrives just a few weeks ahead of Wyomings 16 August primary for the states at large House seat with the three-term incumbent sorely needing some kind of boost as recent polling from the Casper Star-Tribune released earlier this month indicates that she has currently trailing Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman by 22 points.Though Ms Hageman who has repeated the former presidentclaims that the 2020 US election was stolen leads Rep Cheney 52 per cent to 30 per cent in some polls her fundraising goals have fallen well behind that of the vice chairman of the House select committee investigating the January 6 riot.Rep Cheney who hauled in $2.9m in the second quarter of the year continues to leapfrog ahead of her Republican challenger who for the same time period only saw $1.8m come in.

In her position as the vice chairman of the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot Rep Cheney who was stripped of her GOP leadership post following her decision to cross the aisle alongside nine other House Republicans to vote to impeach Donald Trump last year has frequently painted the one term president as a threat to democracy during the panels summertime broadcasts.In red state Wyoming where Trump beat Joe Biden by more than 40 points Rep Cheneys remarks throughout the public hearings have likely not served as a boost for her reelection campaign. For instance, recent polling suggests that only 2 per cent of Republicans say the Jan 6 hearings are top of mind ahead of the midterm elections.

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