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Jane Fonda on Her New H&M Collaboration the Legacy of Her Iconic VHS Workout and Feeling Youthful in Her 80s

40 years ago Jane Fondas Workout was released on VHS tape. It quickly revolutionized athome fitness—and ignited a cultural phenomenon. There were Fondas campy aerobics routines catchphrases Feel the burn! and of course her rotation of Rainbow Brite leotards and slouchy knit leg warmers. An exercise outfit helps because it sets this time apart from the rest of your day and makes it matter more! wrote Fonda in her 1981 fitness tome of the same name.

Since then the Oscarwinning actor and activist hasnt stopped moving. Every day when I get out of a car I thank the goddesses that I have strong thighs that Ive worked out to keep strong thighs Fonda tells me letting out her signature gravelly laugh. But in all seriousness Fonda who will turn 85 later this year works hard to stay nimble—and shes passionate about continuing to democratize fitness so that others can too. Her latest act in this spirit? Joining forces with H&M Move the Swedish clothing brands new movewear brand which aims to make stylish functional and technically innovative workout clothes more accessible.

I like their philosophy of movewear over sportswear because its not about sports or being athletic explains Fonda who stars in the H&M Move campaign alongside choreographer JaQuel Knight the visionary behind Beyoncés Single Ladies and Formation dances. Its about moving in a way that keeps your body healthy and strong. Its just another way that Fonda wants to shift attitudes about the way we all move through life—especially as we age. In a society that continually prioritizes youth Fonda is an aspirational vision of vitality in older age. As she once said You can be really old at 60 and you can be really young at 85—and shes living proof. Ahead of the H&M Move announcement Vogue spoke with Fonda about holding fast fashions feet to the fire the longlasting impact of Jane Fondas Workout and the secrets to living well and aging powerfully.

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