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How Should Chicago Fire Handle Brettsey in Season 11? POLL

It hasnt been easy for Brettsey fans on Chicago Fire. First there was the seasonslong will they/wont they for firefighter Matt Casey Jesse Spencer and paramedic Sylvie Brett Kara Killmer. Then soon after they finally got together he moved to Oregon to be a guardian to his late best friends kids and the couple gave a longdistance relationship a try.

As it quickly became apparent to them however it was easier said than done. In the 15th episode of the season The Missing Piece Brett missed Casey to the point of distraction after her late mothers husband Scott Jeff Diebold told her that every moment with a loved one is important. She took some time off to be with Casey in Portland rather than continuing to see him just on quick trips. I need to spend some actual time with Matt reconnect Brett explained to Stella Kidd Miranda Rae Mayo and Violet Mikami Hanako Greensmith. After theyd FaceTimed I just got hit by this wave of all the things I miss about him. That warmth you know the way he could be so strong but also kind and he has that gift of making everyone feel like everythings going to be OK.

Both Casey and Brett were back in Chicago for the finale for Kelly Severide Taylor Kinney and Kidds wedding but it became apparent rather quickly that something would have to change. Casey was happy in Portland while Bretts home is at 51 in Chicago. While dancing at the reception Brett acknowledged that while he has a beautiful life on the West Coast thats not hers. My 51 family is here my work is here my life is here. How much longer can we keep this up with so much time apart? she asked. Casey didnt know but were together tonight. It sure sounded like a breakup was likely in their future.
Assuming Spencer doesnt return to Fire or they dont have Casey return to Chicago offscreen and Killmer remains part of the series fulltime it seems like they have to make a major decision break up Brettsey or leave them in the longdistance relationship and ignore the problems that come with that because they cant just repeat what weve already seen only to end up in the same place they were in the finale wondering what they should do. There is a time limit on how long Casey will be in Portland though whos to say hell want to move back to Chicago after the kids are out of the house? After all it was noted that hes enjoying his life there and we dont know how long Fire will continue and Killmer will be part of it.

Whatever happens we hope the decision is made likely offscreen since theres been no word of Spencer returning again and revealed in the Season 11 premiere. If theyre going to continue to do the longdistance thing let them have figured out ways to avoid ending up in the same place. If theyve decided to take a break let there be clear rules to it. If theyve broken up let Brett and Casey assuming we hear about him be single but make it clear shes not just waiting for him.

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