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Hawkeye Star Tony Dalton Addresses Swordsmans MCU Return Chances

Hawkeye star Tony Dalton addresses Swordsmans Marvel Cinematic Universe return chances expressing his eagerness to come back to the franchise.

Though changes were made to his character from the comics Hawkeye star Tony Dalton is eager for Swordsmans Marvel Cinematic Universe return. Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck Swordsman made his Marvel Comics debut with 1965s The Avengers No. 19 as an antagonist to Hawkeye whom he and Trick Shot mentored as a young kid and The Avengers. Jacques Duquesne the Swordsmans real identity would become a recurring player in the years that followed acting as both a supervillain as well as a superhero.

Dalton would bring a version of the character to life in Hawkeye with Jack Duquesne the nephew to wealthy socialite Armand and fiancé to Kate Bishops mom Eleanor. After hints that the character was behind his uncles murder Jack would be proven innocent as Eleanor was behind Armands death to cover up her involvement with the Kingpin and he would even offer his help in fighting the Tracksuit Mafia in the Hawkeye finale.

With Eleanor arrested and his swordfighting skills put to good use the door is open for a positive future for Jack in the MCU and the actor behind the role is sharing his thoughts on whats next. While speaking with DiscussingFilm to discuss Better Call Saul Tony Dalton opened up about his MCU tenure in Hawkeye. In looking to his potential future in the franchise the actor eagerly expressed his hopes for Swordsman to return sharing his enjoyment in playing good guys instead of his prototypical villain role. See what Dalton said below

While his ties as Clint Bartons mentor in the comics were removed for the show Jacks MCU introduction in Hawkeye could still lead to his transformation into the Swordsman. In the comics Duquesne frequently attempted to become a part of the Avengers for a variety of reasons including working with The Mandarin to try and bring the team down while also fighting against the superhero team. Given The Avengers nonspecific roster in the MCU at this point with Iron Man and Black Widow dead and Steve Rogers having retired as Captain America chances for Jack to come back as the Swordsman and work with the group seem strong.

With the Hawkeye finale showing Jack displaying some of his fighting skills the door does seem open for the character to put his wealth towards fighting crime as the Swordsman. Additionally with Jonathan Majors Kang the Conqueror established as the MCUs next big bad Dalton could return to recreate his comic book story arc in which Swordsman teamed up with The Avengers and Hawkeye to put a stop to the timetraveling villain. While audiences await further details on Daltons potential MCU return they can revisit his debut with Hawkeye streaming on Disney+ now.

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