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Edens Zero is Not A Fairytale Remake

Most anime and manga fans have a favorite and least favorite series. For many the anime Fairy Tail is in the least favorite category for several reasons ranging from story building to lack of environment designs. When Edens Zero announced its release onto Netflix in 2020 hoards of people passed it off as a remake of Fairy Tail for a couple of reasons. The same creator Hiro Mashima made both animeEdens Zero andFairy Tail so many assumed that the anime were connected somehow. Another reason spectators thought Edens Zero was a remake was the character designs shown throughout the series. Many characters resemble Fairy Tails familiar faces such as Happy Natsu and Lucy. Despite being written off as a remake Edens Zero managed to recover all credibility as soon as it was released.

The plot opens with a lonely human boy named Shiki living in a world created and run by robots. Shikis story kicks off with a tragedy within the first episode of the series with Shiki losing his father the Demon King at an early age. Shiki also loses his family of robots after being deceived into leaving his planet. After years of devotion to Shiki the robot race had finally reached a point beyond repairs. The robots damaged themselves over time by caring for Shiki ultimately making a hefty sacrifice for his happiness. Finally the robots decide to trick Shiki into leaving his planet by pretending to be evil so he does not have to watch them erode into rust. Eventually the plan works and Shiki leaves with Rebecca a newly introduced character who saves Shiki and befriends him. From then on Shiki embarks on an adventure to find more friends to add to his crew.

One of the reasons Edens Zero has become so popular is because of the tremendous amount of quality and time put into the show. One of the most significant accomplishments critics enjoy is the worldbuilding spread through each episode. Each world revealed during the show has its own unique background design and characteristics. Every small detail breathed more life into the anime making it stand further apart from its predecessor Fairy Tail. Fans enjoyed the layout of the plot and how the directors handled it. The characters run the narrative themselves by naturally allowing the story to unfold through their eyes.

The characters in Edens Zero also give the show a fresh breath of air. Each character joins Shikis quest on their own mission and with their own goals of accomplishment. For example the character Weisz initially joined the crew to build his wealth. As the show progresses Weisz becomes more selfless and willing to save people other than himself. Weiszs development happens naturally as the plot moves forward. The audience gets the chance to see him take down some of his mental barriers. Edens Zerohas a fantastic storyline exciting new environments and fun characters. Even though many anime fans choose to pass the show off as a simple Fairy Tail remake the show still holds up as its own stand alone project making the show u

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