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Curb Your Enthusiasm: 10 Best Characters Who Joined After Season 1

Larry David’s satirical, semi-autobiographical series Curb Your Enthusiasm has been one of the funniest shows on HBO’s airwaves for over two decades – and the show is still going strong, as David recently announced that a 12th season is on the way. Many fan-favorite Curb characters have been there since the beginning: Jeff, Susie, Cheryl, Ted Danson, Richard Lewis, and of course Larry himself.

But a ton of the show’s best characters – from Marty Funkhouser to Leon Black – joined in subsequent years. Even in its most recent installment, season 11, Curb introduced a handful of hilarious new additions to the cast.

10 Nat David
Comedy legend Shelley Berman was perfectly cast as Larry’s father, Nat David. Nat was introduced in the season 3 episode “The Special Section” after Larry’s mom passed away and Larry missed the funeral because she told his dad not to bother him in New York. Whether he’s getting high to alleviate his glaucoma or watching an adult film at full volume in his nursing home, there’s always a big laugh when Nat appears on the show.

9 Jerry Seinfeld
Out of the iconic quartet from David’s previous sitcom classic, Seinfeld, only Julia Louis-Dreyfus guest-starred in season 1 of Curb. Jerry Seinfeld, the title star and David’s co-creator, didn’t arrive in the Curb-verse until much later. Seinfeld made a cameo appearance at Larry’s Broadway debut in the season 4 finale and played a much more prominent role alongside Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards in season 7’s Seinfeld reunion storyline. Seinfeld shares hilarious on-screen chemistry with his old writing partner, whether they’re riffing on comedic premises like “committing Barbicide” or arguing over who should sit next to Richard Lewis in a diner.

8 Dr. Morrison
The late screen icon Philip Baker Hall appeared in seasons 4 and 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm as Larry’s grumpy physician, Dr. Morrison. Dr. Morrison won’t stand for any of Larry’s nonsense. The two engage in hysterically passive-aggressive arguments about office policies and sharing personal phone numbers. Hall made a great deadpan foil for Larry. He brought the same dry comic wit to Curb’s Dr. Morrison that he brought to Seinfeld’s library cop, Detective Bookman.

7 Irma Kostroski
Guest star Tracey Ullman appeared prominently in the back end of season 11 as an L.A. politician that Larry reluctantly dates in the hopes of getting a law lifted that will clear him of criminal charges for not having a fence around his pool. Ullman made a brilliant addition to the Curb cast. Not only is she adept at the show’s improvisational style of comedy; she got the awkward tone of Curb’s humor just right.

6 Lin-Manuel Miranda
Broadway icon Lin-Manuel Miranda played himself in the second half of season 9. One of the Ayatollah’s conditions for allowing Larry to make a Broadway musical about the fatwa against Salman Rushdie is that the creator of Hamilton has to be involved. Miranda had a lot of fun with the ability to play an exaggerated version of himself as a demanding egotist in the heightened reality of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

5 Wanda Sykes
Wanda speaks with Larry and Cheryl in the house in Curb Your Enthusiasm
Wanda Sykes has played a version of herself on and off since the second season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Sykes translated her own witty comedic persona from the stage to the screen in the Curb universe. Within the world of Curb, Wanda is a close friend of Cheryl’s who has very little patience for Larry. She always manages to catch Larry at his worst moments.

4 Cousin Andy
Richard Kind joined the cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm in season 3 as Larry’s well-meaning but irritating cousin, Andy. Andy was introduced at the same time as Nat, around the time that Larry’s mother died. Kind is an acclaimed dramatic actor who’s worked with such legendary filmmakers as the Coen brothers, Clint Eastwood, and Tom McCarthy. But he always has a lot of fun with the role of Curb’s resident loudmouth goofball.

3 Maria Sofia Estrada
It’s not easy for a guest star to steal a scene in Curb Your Enthusiasm, but Keyla Monterroso Mejia practically stole the whole season in season 11. As Larry develops a new streaming series, he’s forced to cast his blackmailer’s daughter, Maria Sofia Estrada, in a major role. There’s just one problem: she’s a terrible actor. It takes a really great actor to convincingly act as a bad actor, and Mejia nailed it. She borrows the spotlight in every painfully awkward scene in the role of Maria Sofia.

2 Marty Funkhouser
Introduced in season 4, Marty Funkhouser is the ultimate Curb reactionary role. The late, great Bob Einstein’s bone-dry wit provided the best possible foil for Larry David. Nothing Funkhouser says is particularly funny, but the way he reacts to Larry’s outrageous behavior makes his antics 10 times more hysterical. When Larry steals flowers from his mother’s roadside memorial, Funkhouser is thoroughly unimpressed.

1 Leon Black
It’s hard to believe that J.B. Smoove didn’t join the cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm until season 6. The show didn’t feel complete until he came along. Leon’s debut is a watershed moment in Curb history. There’s Curb before Leon and Curb after Leon. Smoove is the perfect scene partner for David. Their two characters couldn’t be more different than one another, but they’re always on the same page.

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