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Cobra Kai: Mike Barnes Could Join Daniel & Chozen (Because of Karate Kid 3)

Because of what happened at the end of The Karate Kid Part III, Mike Barnes could side with Terry Silver’s enemies in Cobra Kai season 5.

Due to what happened at the end of The Karate Kid Part III, Mike Barnes could pick the opposing side if approached by Terry Silver in Cobra Kai season 5. Played by Sean Kanan, Barnes was the primary opponent of Daniel LaRusso in the third installment of The Karate Kid trilogy. The character has yet to appear in the sequel series but is one of a handful of candidates for a potential appearance in season 5.

His history as Silver’s main ally in the fight against Daniel and Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid Part III makes his character relevant to the conflict currently playing out in the Valley in Cobra Kai. After usurping Kreese’s position, Silver expressed an interest in calling “a friend or two” to help him run the dojo. His comment was taken as a clear Mike Barnes tease. While there has not been any official confirmation that Kanan will reprise his role as the villain, it’s now being heavily theorized that Barnes will return as a new Cobra Kai sensei who will help Silver deal with Chozen and Daniel when the show returns.

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While there is a strong possibility that Mike Barnes will be back, it’s not guaranteed that he’d be hired by Silver again. The fact that he’s a villain who worked with Silver before makes that scenario seem likely, which is all the more reason why Cobra Kai may deliver a shocking twist and align him with the other side in the dojo war. After all, helping Silver worked out badly for him in The Karate Kid Part III. So if he is in season 5, it may be that he’ll actually be helping Daniel and Chozen instead. Though he was a cold-blooded, volatile character in 1985, it’s at least possible that he’s changed his ways since then. And even if he hasn’t redeemed himself, everything that happened in The Karate Kid Part III could be used to justify Barnes joining hands with Silver’s enemies.

How Karate Kid 3’s Ending Teases Mike’s Cobra Kai Decision
Mike Barnes return
It shouldn’t be forgotten that Daniel’s victory in The Karate Kid Part III was a result of more than just his own ability to overcome adversity. In fact, it was Silver’s decision-making in the tournament that put Barnes’ defeat in motion. Throughout the fight, it was clear that Barnes was the superior fighter. Barnes could have beaten Daniel before the match went to sudden death, but didn’t because Silver had ordered him to keep the fight going. Silver’s wish was for Daniel to suffer for the full three minutes. Had Barnes not listened to Silver, he could have won the tournament. And since his defeat happened in a public event, he most assuredly damaged his reputation as a professional fighter. With that said, It makes sense that he’d think twice about teaming up with someone like Silver again.

As someone who’s already paid the price for being a pawn in Silver’s quest for vengeance, Barnes would have good reasons for refusing any offer he gets from the character in Cobra Kai season 5. And if he’s looking for some payback, he could get that by working alongside Daniel and Chozen, whose main goal will be to combat Silver’s growing influence in the Valley. By siding with Silver’s rivals, Mike Barnes could really throw a wrench into the villain’s well-laid plans.

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