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Below Deck Med’s Sandy has never hit anything… until now!

Captain Sandy Yawn has spent her entire career, including navigating six seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean, without hitting anything. Until now. The fourth episode of season 7, “Skeletons in the Closet,” saw Sandy hit a buoy while docking, signaling rough waters ahead for Raygan the bosun. Thanks to bad weather, the Home had to head to port earlier than expected. While the interior focused on the guests and making sure their needs were met, the deck crew prepared for docking and Raygan somehow confused three meters with zero meters, leading to the collision.

Thankfully, the only thing damaged was Captain Sandy’s ego. For her part, Raygan — who was spotted snacking instead of preparing to dock with the rest of her team. Raygan’s antics weren’t the only thing stirring up trouble in this week’s episode. The twentysomething guests with unholy amounts of money had a lot of dirty laundry that poor Natalya was left to deal with, but ultimately it was the strange interactions between Chef David and Chief Stew Natasha that had fans buzzing.

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