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Asssassins Creed Valhallas Free Forgotten Saga DLC Arrives On Tuesday

Assassins Creed Valhalla is getting a significant update this coming week as Ubisoft revealed title update 1.6.0 thanks PSLS. Not much is known about what the 1.6.0 update will bring although players have called for additions such as a NG+ some proper closure on Eivors story and various gameplay and combat tweaks. But more is known about the Forgotten Saga DLC.

Forgotten Saga is a free mode that is being added the same day the game update releases. The DLC was first unveiled during Ubisofts 15th Anniversary Celebration livestream for Assassins Creed. Its a roguelite inspired game mode meant to be a major part of Valhallas Year Two content. The Forgotten Saga mode finds Eivor stepping down into Niflheim the Realm of the Dead. There the ranks of the undead and hellish monsters await controlled by the progeny of Loki. Its not too dissimilar to Hades with players choosing among rewards after each stage in order to build a version of Eivor that can withstand the challenges thrown his way and endure until the very end. But if defeated the trailer hinted that some sort of progression will be carried on to make players attempts to survive Niflheim somewhat more manageable. Players can expect the free game mode to be added to Assassins Creed Valhalla on August 2.

Meanwhile to coincide with Sigrblot Festival a free limitedtime event is taking place in the game. If you dont know Sigrblot Festival is a Norse celebration that heralds the summer season and involves offering sacrifices to Odin for safe travel and plunderific raids. While we need not fear those dastardly Vikings anymore especially those of us living England those Valhalla players can partake in their own way. To access the event players will need their Ravensthorpe settlement to be at least Level 2 and youll need to have completed one of Englandbased story arcs. Like previous seasonal events such as the Ostara Festival Festival Tokens can be collected by completing minigames and events which can be traded for ingame cosmetics like haircuts beards bird skins tattoos as well as settlement decorations. The 1.6.0 game update and Forgotten Saga DLC both drop on August 2 with the Sigrblot Festival running from August 4 to 25.

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