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OnePunch Mans Latest Casualty Finally Unleashes Saitamas Terrifying Side

Regardless of how bad the circumstances are in OnePunch Man the allpowerful Saitama has always been calm and collected often donning a nonchalant expression. He remains unfazed even when fighting beings that threatened the worlds safety simply because there doesnt seem to be an individual who can rival his might. However a casualty in Chapter 164 has finally ignited Saitamas true fury revealing a side of him that readers have never seen before.

After the big battle between the Monster Association and the Hero Association only a handful of individuals could still move and fight. Saitama meeting Garo was inevitable at that point. Bald Cape promised Tareo that he would teach Garo a lesson hence why he toyed with the Hero Hunter. However the circumstances changed after Garo received power from a God and attained his Cosmic Fear Mode.

Garos bombardment of nuclear attacks kept Saitama at bay and a gamma ray burst even sent him out of commission for a few moments. However those few moments were enough for Garo to terrorize the other heroes most of whom almost instantly collapsed from Garos radiation levels. The only ones who remained conscious were Blast who only appeared to confront Garo Bang and Genos. Genos was the first to launch an attack but wasnt even able to scratch Garos skin.

Instead of defending the other heroes it was more of Genos presenting himself to Garo on a silver platter. Fortunately Blast took immediate action and attacked the Hero Hunter causing him to let go of the cyborg. Garo however couldnt care less about Blast. He still had his sights on Saitama wanting to fight a serious Bald Cape so he took Genos and ripped out his core. Saitama arrived just in time to witness Garos despicable act. When the Hero Hunter handed Genos core to Saitama the latters emotions swirled. Ultimately he revealed the first of his killer moves Serious Punches.

Serious Punches is the first Killer Move fans of OnePunch Man have seen in Saitamas Serious Series. Interestingly Garo was still able to mimic it using his own Mode Saitama and their exchange shocked even the No. 1 professional hero. Blast remarked that Saitama and Garos respective versions of Serious Punches could potentially blow the Earth to smithereens proving how powerful and catastrophic Saitama could be once he stopped fooling around.

Saitama has always been cool and collected but that doesnt mean he is incapable of feeling or showing emotions and Chapter 164 of OnePunch Man provided ample proof of that. Although Saitama only initially accepted Genos as a disciple for his personal gains he eventually grew attached to the Demon Cyborg so Garo obliterating him became the switch that lit Bald Capes fuse. And Saitama unleashing his Killer Move Serious Punches an attack he never used before may simply mean that Garo is about to meet his end.

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