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Call of Duty Fans Think Were Getting Black Ops 5 in 2024 After Image Leaks IGN

New Call of Duty images have leaked online that among other things appear to hint at Black Ops 5 being 2024s installment for the FPS series. The images were reportedly mined from a recent Warzone Mobile update by Twitter user RealiityUK who has since been suspended from the social media platform. The images are currently viewable on ResetEra we wont be reposting them here and are seemingly a mix of shots from the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 and a new game in development at Black Ops developer Treyarch.

Thought to be loading screens for upcoming Call of Duty projects the two images that really got everyones attention are labeled Stealth and Pillage – which apparently stem from the upcoming Call of Duty game due for release in 2024.
Although no details about the game have been officially released some fans now believe that it will take place during the Gulf War – a continuation of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Essentially that would mean Call of Dutys 2024 release would be Black Ops 5.

Its easy to see why fans might jump to this conclusion. The images contain a sepiction of the reallife F117 Nighthawk stealth aircraft which was first deployed by the U.S. military in the 80s and became synonymous with the Gulf War in 1991.
If accurate the time frame certainly suggests a continuation of Cold Wars story but with nothing official just yet it remains speculation for now. At the very least the copyright claims and account suspension of the leaker in question lends a feeling of authenticity to whats been revealed.

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